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Learning 2019 LT

Learning Tribes Exhibits at Learning 2019   For the very first time, Learning Tribes had the pleasure of being presenting sponsors at this year’s Learning 2019 Conference in Orlando, FL.. #Learning2019 was a 4-day event, focused on the emerging innovations of learning in
CEO, Philippe Riveron

The Training Business Podcast-The Learning Tribes Success Story

CEO, Philippe Riveron Featured on Ep. 59 of the Training Business Podcast – The Learning Tribes Success Story On our featured episode of The Training Business Podcast, Mark Garret sits down with CEO, Philippe Riveron to
Learning 2019

11 Questions with Kyle, Director of Solutions

In this edition of 11 questions, get to know our Director of Solutions, Kyle LeMontang, as he discusses his favorite sports team, whether a hot dog is a sandwich, and what he’s looking forward to the
Content curation

Curation and Content Confidence: The Keys to Online Learning

Organizations need help to filter through the endless supply of online educational content if they are to support their people’s ongoing personal and professional development. At this year’s ICMI Contact Center Connections conference, I will be answering a

11 Questions with Aaron, COO of Learning Tribes

Join us on Tuesday, October 29th in session 206 from 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm at ICMI Contact Center Connections Conference. Prior to the presentation, get to know your conference speaker Aaron Schwarzberg, COO of Learning

5 Ways to Curate Content

If you type in learning and development into Google’s search engine, it will take .78 seconds to pull 2,300,000,000 results. Consider how much time it would take for a corporate training manager to teach that amount
Clem, Clarisse, and Monica

Learning Tribes (U.S.) Promotes From Within To Support Explosive Growth

Miami, FL (September 19, 2019) Clement Grandin, Clarisse Danicic, and Monica Gragg have been promoted to Head of Solutions, Head of Project Strategy and Head of Creative, respectively. These well-earned leadership changes support Learning Tribes’ continued
Blooms Taxonomy
Blog_EN, Pedagogy

How to Create Learning Objectives Using Bloom’s Taxonomy

Can think back to our Train the Brain series where we increased memory using methods such as handwriting and loci? Memory is the foundation of Bloom’s Taxonomy and is embedded in Learning Tribes approach to your corporate training challenges.
Hand Writing
Blog_EN, Pedagogy

7 Techniques to Increase Memory: Hand Writing

Are you a hand writer or a person who types their notes? It’s hard to argue that there is a sense of ease and convenience when typing notes and gathering information using our mobile devises. Research
Tatiana Loza

Tribe Spotlight: Tatiana Loza, Project Manager

On this edition of #TribeSpotlight, we spoke with Tatiana, Project Manager for Learning Tribes in Miami, FL. Describe your role at Learning Tribes. As a Project Manager (PM), I work with a lot of moving pieces
Welcome to the Tribe (2)

Welcome to the Tribe: Ashley, Kelsey, and Auburn

Ashley Tolentino, Director of Solutions Bio Originally from Massachusetts and a graduate of Babson College, I am passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration. I come from a background in start-up eLearning platforms, and enjoy identifying ways
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