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Tribe Spotlight: Aaron Schwarzberg, Chief Operating Officer

On this edition of #TribeSpotlight, we sat down with Aaron Schwarzberg, the new Chief Operating Officer for Learning Tribes in Miami, FL.  

Describe your role at Learning Tribes.
First and foremost, my job is to meaningfully support each member of the Learning Tribes team on a daily basis, with an emphasis on enabling each person to exceed their own and client expectations. I’m fortunate to lead the operations, solutions, and marketing divisions, all of which are staffed with client-centric and outcome-driven, e-learning professionals. In addition to supporting the team, my core responsibilities include managing the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of our learning solutions delivery. I also design and implement business operations, systems, and processes, while expanding the team with an intentional focus on culture and client outcomes.

What’s your favorite thing about Learning Tribes?
The team, by far. Our team is made up of incredible people from all around the world; different backgrounds, different experiences, and most importantly, different perspectives. Our diversity is one of the key drivers behind our innovation. Our team has a deep appreciation for the fact that we impact learning outcomes for hundreds-of-thousands of learners each and every year. What we do, matters. Our people, our team, our tribe – matters.

What are three things you can’t work without?
Collaboration, transparency, and direct communication. If I don’t have those three things, I can’t operate.

What’s your biggest accomplishment?
Building a family. Work matters, outcomes matter, clients matter – but nothing is more fulfilling than spending time with my wife and children.

Do you have a secret talent no one knows about?
Not many people know that I speak Spanish fluently. We have multiple clients and strategic partners in Central and South America and it usually catches them off-guard when I casually infuse Spanish into a conversation.

Who inspires you?
My wife, Alyse. She has so many responsibilities: teaching pre-school children, being a mother, a sister, a friend. Plus, she puts up with me. She handles all of these responsibilities—and many others—with grace. She does everything effortlessly, always with a smile, and makes everything look easy. Alyse always puts everyone else first.

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