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Tribe Spotlight: Kyle LeMontang, Director of Solutions

It’s National Salesperson Day! What better way to honor it than to spotlight one of our sales team members with a fun Q&A? So without further ado, meet Kyle LeMontang, our Director of Solutions at Learning Tribes’ Headquarters in Miami.

Describe your role at Learning Tribes.

I’m a Director of Solutions on the Business Development side so anything from finance, to account management, to daily interactions with clients. I focus on the media, telecommunications, and technology vertical. I’m handling current clients and garnishing new clients for the company both from a sales and marketing perspective. I’m always attending conferences, networking, and trying to build the brand both internally and externally.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Learning Tribes?

The diversity of work that I get to do. You really get to expand across the company. You get to see the different facets that everyone focuses on and get that holistic perspective to the organization. We don’t operate within silos. We work as a cohesive unit—as a tribe. I’ve seen time and time again; cross-team efforts and cross-organizational help. That’s something very unique.

What’s a change you’ve seen this year for brands in your vertical?

The biggest shift I’ve seen is in the telecommunications industry with the concept of “cord cutting.” Service providers like AT&T, Comcast, and more, who usually operate from a plug-in model are shifting to an on-demand model. Customers are accessing shows and content from other mediums like Hulu and Netflix, which has caused a lot of companies to change their business models. It’s important that technology plays an active part in a company’s development plan over the next year.

What do you think is a big trend in L&D right now?

Digitization. Clients are always asking about it. There’s a big shift to online chat and messaging. It’s important for companies to not only be aware of these technologies but to be ahead of the curve. That’s where Learning Tribes comes in. There’s always an opportunity for organizations to train their personnel on new platforms and communication methods.

Who inspires you the most?

My father. He’s retired now but he was an entrepreneur. He’s definitely an idol… Someone I looked up to growing up. He inspired me to be in business. Continues to push me every day. I speak to him almost daily: I’ll bounce ideas off him and listen for advice both for business and life. It’s a relationship I relish and I definitely don’t take for granted.  

What’s the last book you read?

I recently read Phil Knight’s—the founder of Nike’s memoir—Shoe Dog. It’s about how he got his start in the business world, the backend story of Nike, and what that process was like. Definitely a good read that I would recommend.

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