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5 Ways To Curate Content

If you type in learning and development into Google’s search engine, it will take .78 seconds to pull 2,300,000,000 results. Consider how much time it would take for a corporate training manager to teach that amount of data or the time it takes learners to sift through all the irrelevant information.

The abundance of resources and learning content has led to more and more companies investing in digital content curation. At Learning Tribes alone, we serve over 50,000 active learners in their corporate learning and development programs using our Learning Curation Platform, Edflex. Content curation saves time, increases learner engagement, and helps corporate learners retain more.

What is content curation?

Content curation refers to searching through the depths of the World Wide Web to find the most relevant content for your subject matter. Once you have the right content, the next step is to contextualize and organize materials in a meaningful way to engage your corporate learners. Content to be considered includes courses, articles, podcasts, reports, infographics, and other digital learning sources.

Why Content Curation Should Be A part of Your L&D Strategy

In a previous blog post on content curation, we describe just a few of the many ways that your organization can benefit from content curation. Content curation empowers both learning and training managers. By personalizing the learning experience, learners are able to develop themselves, while managers can focus their time on strategy and training objectives.

Another way that content curation is beneficial to your L&D strategy is that it encourages learning as a long term initiative in the workplace. Content curation encourages continuous learning and highlight’s constant development. Tools and platforms, such as Edflex, add a fun twist by incorporating a Lifelong Learning Score. The Lifelong Learning Score gamifies the learning process and quantifies the learner’s progress.

5 Ways to Curate Content

Whether using a platform or curating your own content, you can spare learners the time and effort of looking through loads of information by providing them with a personalized learning experience. The Training Industry recommends the following 5 ways to curate content:

  1. Aggregation: Aggregating content is searching and collecting resources from a variety of sources.
  2. Distillation: This the act of synthesizing information and sharing only the most important and relevant content.
  3. Elevation: Identifying within the curation process a new trend that has emerged.
  4. Mashups: Proposing a new viewpoint or perspective by merging parts of the curated content.
  5. Chronology: This method of curation helps learners understand by organizing past information by date to show how specific topics have evolved.


The early investment in content curation will save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run. More choices does not mean happier learners, but personalizing your training experience can guarantee better odds of retention and engagement. You can begin curating your own content or select a content curation platform that meets your organizational needs.

Putting in the leg work for content curation can seem like a tedious task. Let us do the work for you! Request a demo of our Content curation platform, Edflex, by visiting

Originally published Oct 11, 2019, updated April 1, 2020

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