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Collaboration & self-discipline, invaluable values for a business professional. An interview with Conrad Taylor, Director of Account Management for LT

Post Series: Storytelling

“Do things for the right reasons, and the right things will happen.” 

-Conrad Taylor 

With over eight years of experience in the L&D space, Conrad Taylor, Director of Account Management for LT, shares with us how his experience in business planning, training, operations management, and sales helps his clients navigate seemingly intractable challenges and objectives. 

  1. Tell us about yourself. 

My name is Conrad Taylor, and I’m the Director of Account Management at Learning Tribes. I enjoy playing soccer, learning about history, and performing Sketch & Improv Comedy. 

2.      Talk about your experience in L&D: 

My first position out of college was managing an after-school educational program for K-12 grade students. Later in my professional career, I moved over to the world of adult learning, where I have spent the last eight years of my life. 

I enjoy working with a wide breadth of organizations, helping them empower their people and improve their performance. I’m always interested in how my client’s organizations work and what makes them unique and special. 

  1. Tell us about a recent project you conducted: 

Like many, a client from the call center space was concerned about their customer satisfaction rating. Their company initiative was to make a tangible improvement on their customer’s perception and experience with their organization. 

We addressed this by creating soft skills and empathy training. Additionally, we provided learners with more scenario-based experience. 

  1. What made the project challenging?  

One of the most significant challenges we faced was that there was no current standardization for training. Trainers used PowerPoint slides that they each created and shared, causing fragmented training and little symmetry around the knowledge transfer. 

  1. How was the experience for the learners?  

When we rolled out the Learning Tribes training solution, there was an immediate effect on the performance of newly hired employees when they completed training. Compared to the customer experience scores of previously trained employees, those who went through the new program consistently received higher scores than their predecessors. 

  1.  Whatabout the benefits for the organization?  

The organization found that their customers were happier than before, and their Call Center teams were less frustrated. They were pleasantly surprised that their attrition rate among the call center teams decreased. 

  1. What is the craziest experience you have ever had with a client? 

I worked on a compliance training program with a client who was dragging his feet on when to implement the program. Long story short, I got a series of emails and several frantic calls saying that they needed us to implement the Compliance Program immediately, which we worked tirelessly to get them up and going. Not long after the program’s launch, I read in the news that they were being sued for violating some Federal Compliance policies. While our quickly implemented solution helped them a lot, they communicated that they would not have had to spend so much of their budget on PR crisis management if they had embraced our recommendations months earlier.  

  1. What is your most memorable experience with LT?  

Every week we have an all-hands meeting, and I am always pleasantly surprised at how engaged and invested my coworkers are in one another. 

  1. Tell us about your upcoming project and personal goals. 

I am currently working on helping an organization create proper paths to career growth. It’s always exciting to know that your hard work will enable others to grow personally and professionally. 

In the near term, I am focused on creating and improving the Account Manger program here at Learning Tribes. Additionally, I want to grow the team to make significant contributions to our company and clients’ success. 

As a personal goal, my kids are starting to get into gaming, and I want to improve my skills as a Mario Kart driver before my 7-year-old surpasses my skill level. 

Collaboration, self-discipline, and a can-do spirit are three essential qualities that have characterized Conrad through his career, allowing him to grow, not only as a business professional but also as a person, husband, and most importantly, as a father. 

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