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A Digital Transformation For An International Biopharmaceutical Company (2)

Biopharmaceutical Case Study: A Digital Transformation

Post Series: Storytelling

As we continue to recognize the significant impact that learning has in the Pharma and Biotech industries, we want to share an example of how experts at Learning Tribes have helped transform the learning experience of an international biopharmaceutical company.

Learning Tribes has had the opportunity to partner with one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, whose mission is to improve the lives and meet the needs of their patients by developing and selling meaningful medical products. With over 800 employees, the company focuses on a portfolio of products in the neuroscience, hematology, and oncology fields.

At first, the organization didn’t have a defined onboarding program; their new hire training strategy was to collect various resources applied to specific roles or disease states and provide employees a hard copy to study. Additionally, the training content wasn’t updated on a regular cadence, so it quickly became outdated. This single-format training delivery method often led to disengaged learners, low knowledge transfer, and poor skill development.

In 2019, the organization recognized their need to implement a scalable and robust training ecosystem to adapt to rapid growth. Therefore, they looked for a streamlined solution that could offer an interactive platform to centralize their training content and become a hub for continuing education. Learning Tribes took this challenge and was tasked with developing a custom-built solution based on our proprietary Learning Experience Platform.

The new system was created and customized to engage employees throughout the onboarding and training processes and foster a culture of continuous learning enterprise-wide. Learning Tribes collaborated with the organization to build individual learning paths based on learner roles and included libraries of resources organized by disease state.

Our partnership with this client has been exceptional because we’ve had the opportunity to showcase the various products and services we offer, including our bespoke Learning Experience Platform, training design, content curation, and more. By sharing this story with the world, we hope to bring more opportunities to clients worldwide.

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