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The learning catalog is the perfect complement to any customized elearning application. We offer a wide variety of courses that support customer experience learning paths as well as a curated softskills catalog.


CX Training
Edflex-Learning Curation Platform
CX Training

CX Training

Learning Tribes was funded around customer experience(CX) training. The CX industry is a high intensity, high rotation industry where people are the most valuable asset. Adequately training and retaining talent demands a highly effective learning program.

We have been developing our customer experience catalog (CXC) for more than 15 years. We offer more than 250 courses in the areas of onboarding and proficiency, leadership and management, sales, support and soft skils.

If you are in the customer experience business or you to increase proficiency and foster highly effective customer experience teams withn your company, then the CX catalog is a great fit for you.

Edflex-Learning Curation Platform

Learning Curation Platform

Curated learning is an alternative training experience that consists of a group of aggregated online resources, filtered and qualified by subject matter experts. Content curation typically complements formal training programs although it can also serve as a standalone training solution.

Get to know Edflex


Edflex is our award-winning curation platform. Edfelx offers more than 15 thousand resources on topics like leadership development, digital marketing, finance, soft skills, and team management among others.

Some of the work we’ve done…

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