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If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.”

-Zig Ziglar

Earning trust through learning excellency 

Agile adoption of new technologies is drastically reshaping the rapidly evolving competitive landscape of banking and financial services, and companies must prioritize regulatory compliance, technology, risk management, and talent acquisition to benefit in the current market. Modernizing operations with a focus on diversifying growth, bolstering security, and restructuring the organization will ensure the overall improvement of the client experience. Success in digital transformation will ultimately depend on how strategy, technology, and operations work together across domains.

Challenges & trends 

• Blockchain
• Risk management and mitigation
• Cybercrime
• Disruption of FinTech and digital transformation
• Digital divide in financial services marketing
• Compliance
• Legal liability

Clement Grandin

− Clement Grandin
Head of Solutions

“If there is one word that can describe what holds the Banking and Financial Services industry together is “trust”. Trust is something that we earn by substantiating our results, consistently proving our reliability and proving that our learning proposition  makes a real difference.”

Learning Tribes’ expertise in providing learning strategies for challenges throughout the bank and financial industry strengthens client relationships and promotes excellent customer service that then translates to business impact. With tried and tested research and data analysis methodologies, we can pinpoint the specific learning needs and develop a customized solution to achieve synergy, growth, and success within your organization.

We begin our partnerships by performing a learning analysis of the training ecosystem, identify operational strengths and weaknesses, and providing a customized plan for every partnership to deliver robust, innovative, and effective solutions.

Our solutions include:

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