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    Digital banking

People that think digital will be
a lasting trend even after COVID-19.
Banks and Financial Institutions need
to restructure and retrain for the new
digital customer

“It is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of a work.
We must feel and be affected by it.”

Learning Tribes has been supporting the personal care industry during good and not so good times.
We are experiencing a redefinition and radical transformation of the personal care industry.

Customers, more than ever, are looking for more empathy and emotional connection.

Banking and Fintech today

An almost enforced adoption of digital technologies is drastically reshaping the rapidly evolving competitive landscape of banking and financial services.  Under this new scenario,  companies must prioritize regulatory compliance, technology adoption, risk management, and talent acquisition to benefit in the current market.

Banking and finance have been harder hit than most industries since the global spread of COVID-19. Now, more than ever, the business’s fundamental priorities remain.

  • Regulators will want to know that boards are engaged, capital and liquidity standards are appropriate and risk management is effective. Ensuring continuous regulatory training and updates becomes more critical than ever.
  • Clients from all trades and industries need to assure that their financial institutions are strong and stable, even when their own finances may be affected. Front line employees need to master the right hard and soft skills to face a crisis.
  • Employees need to feel personally safe, including health and job security. Training your employees on new protocols and proceedings will reinforce the culture and values of the organization, even under critical circumstances.

A tried and tested training practice

Learning Tribes’ expertise in providing learning strategies for challenges throughout the bank and financial industry strengthens client relationships and promotes excellent customer service that then translates to business impact.

With tried and tested research and data analysis methodologies, we can pinpoint the specific learning needs and develop a customized solution to achieve synergy, growth, and success within your organization.

  • Ensuring core operations  & business continuity 
  • Comply with legal and regulatory demands
  • Bolster safety and  security
  • Build up customer empathy and support 
  • Guard employee productivity and motivation
Clement Grandin

− Clement Grandin
Head of Solutions

“If there is one word that can describe what holds the Banking and Financial Services industry together is “trust”. Trust is something that we earn by substantiating our results, with the consistency and reliability of our learning proposition.”

We begin our partnerships by performing a learning analysis of the training ecosystem, identify operational strengths and weaknesses, and providing a customized plan for every partnership to deliver robust, innovative, and effective solutions.

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