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Why Content Curation Should Be A Part Of Your L&D Strategy

Content curation can add value and enhance the impact of your learning and development strategy. Content curation began as a trend that rapidly gained popularity in the learning community. Now, it’s becoming an integral part of corporate learning strategies.

In a world of information overload, learners have access to endless amounts of information online. According to the IDC, the average employee spends about 9.5 hours every week searching for information. By curating content, you help willing learners get access to valuable information and relieve them from the hassle, pain, and frustration of trying to wade through a never-ending list of resources.

Wait, what exactly is content curation?

Content curation has become a popular term in many different industries, verticals, and functions. When it comes to corporate learning, it’s defined as an exercise to continually find, filter, and share the most relevant content on specific topics – typically in the realm of training and professional development. The content is then served through online tools, portals, or platforms.

Now that the definition is clear, here are the top three reasons content curation should be a key part of your L&D strategy:

  1. Empower your learners and training managers alike.
    By curating content for learners, you give them the power to develop themselves in a way that is guaranteed to meet their needs. It simultaneously frees the training manager’s time to focus on the strategy and training objectives. Platforms like My Mooc also offer the ability to rate content based on quality, which adds an extra layer of empowerment and a community aspect to the learning process.
  2. Motivate your employees to go above and beyond.
    Content curation enables employees to get recognized and rewarded for their learning efforts, contribution to the community, and effective usage on a continuous basis.
  3. Encourage learning as a long-term initiative in the workplace.
    Learning shouldn’t stop after the training phase. Content curation encourages continuous learning and builds a culture around constant development. Platforms like My Mooc add a fun twist to this concept by offering Lifelong Learning Scores, as a way to gamify the process and quantify a learner’s progress.

If you’re looking to create a culture of constant learning, integrating a content curation solution can be a gamechanger for your L&D strategy. Ask us how we can help with our Learning Curation Platform.

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