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Making the Impossible a Reality: An interview with Kristin Snow, LT Director of Solutions

Post Series: Storytelling

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” 

– Nelson Mandela

With nearly two decades of experience in Higher Education and corporate training, Kristin Snow, Director of Solutions and one of our newest members of the Tribe, shares her expertise in the L&D world and the bright future she is building with us.

1. Tell us about yourself.

My name is Kristin Snow, and I’m a Director of Solutions for Learning Tribes. I love spending time with family and friends and my fun-loving Golden Retriever, who loves to do math problems – she barks the answers! I also enjoy traveling, listening to music, learning languages, creating new recipes, reading, and kayaking.

   2. Talk about your background in L&D. 

I have worked in sales and marketing roles in Higher Education and the corporate training world for nearly two decades.

In the Higher Education industry, I mentored dozens of colleagues and trained hundreds of college professors on learning management systems and digital content solutions.

Recently, I have served in Sales and Marketing leadership roles in corporate training and development with content and software companies specializing in employee training and engagement. I have had the honor of working with everyone from small business owners to large healthcare systems and companies, pharmaceutical and financial services companies, manufacturing companies, and the Department of Defense. All of this experience led me to Learning Tribes!

  3. Why are you in the L&D space? 

As a lifelong learner, I am committed to continuous learning from a personal and professional perspective. I genuinely enjoy helping companies improve overall training, employee confidence, and upskilling. I like getting to work every day at the intersection of learning technology, content, training, and collaboration. I’m also passionate about offering services and solutions that empower teams and leaders in so many intangible ways, helping everyone gain clarity in their work, achieve new results, and become stronger in the process!

  4. Tell us about a recent project you conducted. 

A large pharmaceutical company needed content for a time-sensitive training initiative and didn’t have the capability within their organization to create custom content in the timeframe they needed. They had subject matter experts ready to deploy the instructor-led training, but they didn’t have the required pre-training content to prepare their team members for live training and optimal retention.

We were able to help them implement off-the-shelf content provisioned for their LMS, and they delivered a successful pre-training program, at a global level, on time and budget!

  5. What made the project challenging?  

The short timeline and some misalignment on content topics among their team made the project somewhat challenging. Our meeting with them clarified that they could condense their schedule to a limited number of topics and post the remaining content on their intranet for employees to access at their own pace.

  6. Tell us about the training experience for the learners.

The learners attended the face-to-face instructor-led training with baseline knowledge from their pre-work, which helped them accelerate the learning process and save time, permitting them to conduct team exercises with relevant scenarios during training. That knowledge reinforcement helped the training to stick, increasing retention rates significantly.

  7. What were some of the benefits for the organization? 

The client measured results through learning assessments and tracked learners’ pre-work completion – exactly the performance and accountability data they needed to certify their learners once they completed their live training.

  8. What is the most memorable experience you have ever had with a client?  

I was working on a project with the Innovation division of a large global pharmaceutical company. We conducted an on-site workshop with a dozen leaders. The session was so engaging that it resulted in actionable plans for new go-to-market strategies and a new internal fund to support new product innovation. The workshop helped the participants crystallize priorities, inspire one another, and move forward in new directions. It was incredible to see this team in action!

  9. Tell us about your most memorable experience with Learning Tribes.  

I’m new to the organization, so my perspective is somewhat limited thus far. Overall, I’ve been impressed with the support and creativity the team has given me as well as their ability to deliver the right solutions for customers. I am excited to be part of an organization that puts teamwork and a client-centric perspective at the heart of everything they do.

  10. Tell us about your upcoming projects and personal goals. 

Next up is helping our Learning Tribes customers to find creative and practical solutions to their employee learning and engagement needs!

Long term, I look forward to helping Learning Tribes, and our clients, grow and transform their learning operations. I believe in the power of people and the power of learning and business transformation to make long-term positive impacts on any organization. From technology and learning infrastructure to meaningful training and content created by subject matter experts, it can make the difference between “business-as-usual” and unprecedented success! What at first seems impossible can rapidly become a reality with the right resources and mindset!

  Kristin is undoubtedly a great asset to the company; even as her journey with Learning Tribes is just starting, she is clear about her primary purpose: to help transform corporate training to meet the needs of every client.

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