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Education is the most powerful weapon. An interview with Learning Tribes’ veteran Philip Palmer, Director of Solutions

Post Series: Storytelling

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

– Nelson Mandela 

With over eight years of experience as a professional educator and a background as a combat-wounded Marine Corps Officer Veteran, Philip Palmer, Director of Solutions for LT, shares with us a powerful story about how his passion for learning and development allowed him to play significant roles in his life.   

  1. Tell us about yourself: 

My name is Philip Palmer, and I’m a Director of Solutions for Learning Tribes. I enjoy practicing skydiving, CrossFit, fishing, or anything active.   

  1. Talk about your experience in L&D: 

While in the Marine Corps, I was an Operations Officer in charge of several responsibilities related to education, including the learning and development, proficiency and growth of thousands of Marines.  I was also selected to attend the Unit Training and Readiness Course, and Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course.  

Post Marine Corps, I have served as a Skydiving Instructor, ensuring students’ safety through the education and standardized training set forth by United States Parachute Association.   

Professionally, I have been in the education industry since 2013.  

First, I was part of the digital transformation of textbooks with McGraw-Hill. Then, with McGraw-Hill, I worked with higher education to incorporate a learning system with an AI backbone to provide students with adaptive learning.  

I then went to ATI, which provides psychometrically sound assessments, eLearning modules, and simulations for nursing students to increase their NCLEX pass rates. While at ATI, I consulted nursing departments on incorporating these resources to improve the KPI’s of pass rates, retention of students, employee satisfaction, and cohort sizes. Through this, I provided nursing programs the most initiative learning resources and increased the ROI.   

Now at Learning Tribes, my role is to work with companies across the United States to design and redesign their training through all lines of business. The results positively impact critical operations metrics, thereby recognizing meaningful financial savings through increased KPIs with speed to proficiency, employee retention, job salinification, and customer service.   

  1. Why are you in this space? 

I love working with educators, trainers, and all L&D professionals. It is incredibly satisfying to work with a partner, identify the areas they want to improve, collaborate on a course of action, and see the positive impacts we make after that.   

  1. What is the most impactful experience you have ever had with a client? 

Several years ago, I was working with an educator, and when she found out I was in the Marine Corps, she started to cry. She explained that her son didn’t make it back home from Iraq, and I reminded her of him. So I stopped the meeting and instead spent the remaining time listening to her son’s stories. From that moment on, we have not only a great partnership but a significant relationship.   

  1. Tell us about your upcoming project and personal goals. 

I want to work towards getting Learning Tribes into the government space. As a veteran, it motivates me to provide high-quality blended learning resources to those that serve.  

My ultimate career objective is to be in a position where I can provide the most significant impact on the L&D environment. Shortly, my goal is to be the go-to solution in the Banking, Financial Service, and Insurance training needs. 

As for skills, I am always working to refine and grow my abilities to provide the best consulting and solutions for companies’ training and education needs.     

A personal goal is to continue to grow as a husband and hopefully soon a father.   

Philip is one of the newest members of the Tribe; however, he has demonstrated to be an excellent asset for the company. With such great expertise in the education industry and his impressive background serving the Marine Corp, he has what it takes to continue building an exceptional career within the learning space. 

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