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Hot in 2019: Game-Based Learning

Predictions for the learning & development industry are rolling in as we start the new year. A recurring theme that’s caught our attention is serious games, also known as game-based learning, gamification, and educational gaming.

Industry analytics company, Metaari, recently released a Global Game-based Learning Market report, which stated that the game-based learning industry will amount to over $17 billion by 2023. The U.S. particularly has one of the highest revenues for these games and the corporate segment has the highest growth rate out of all the eight segments. This explosive growth is fueled by innovations in AR, VR, AI, and mobile gaming.

You’re probably wondering – besides the obvious entertainment factor – what makes game-based learning effective in the corporate learning space?

  • Engagement – not only do games inspire a healthy sense of rivalry and comradery, but studies show that applying gamification to learning programs boosts learner engagement by 60%.
  • Emotions – learning a new set of skills can be stressful and adding games into the mix can help level that stress. Additionally, games are built on stories, which leads to learners emotionally investing in the content.
  • Safety – mistakes can be very costly for learners in high-risk industries such as medical, aviation, and construction. Game-based learning can provide a safe environment where these learners can practice without the pressure of making a life-threatening mistake.

Resistance to game-based learning is getting smaller, especially in corporations. Ask us how we can help incorporate this innovation into your training programs.

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