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Learning never stops!

Working together makes us stronger

“It is you who is our greatest concern- our employees, clients, and community. Amidst the growing restlessness around COVID-19, we’ve been closely monitoring the situation around the world and our number one priority is you. As more and more companies move to remote solutions, we understand that learning never stops and we want to ensure that we are here to help you adapt to the changes that lay ahead.

Now, more than ever, we must work together to provide the necessary resources to those around us. We want to extend to you some resources that may serve your company in these dire times. With utmost empathy and respect.”

Philippe Riveron Founder and CEO

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Business continuity

We understand that change is happening rapidly and you may feel both concerned and confused. We’re here to assure you that there is calm in the storm and that learning never stops.

With your needs at the forefront, we are prepared to act with diligence and agility to ensure that you are prepared for the days to come. As we are all experiencing some degree of uncertainty, rest assure that you can rely on us to deliver the solutions that you need.

Here are 3 resources to assist with your business continuity

“Working Remotely”
learning path

A new learning path was curated to help you and your organization make the most of this situation. With business continuity in mind, this learning path consists of series of learning resources that will make you fell more at home when going to work! The main topics covered include:

  • How to organize your telework
  • How to work with agility
  • How to manage emotions
  • How to create a business continuity plan

Edflex offers top notch, qualified resources. We aggregate the best content available using our AI Technology, then qualify that content using our expert learning curators.

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Working Remotely is part of the Edflex Management series curriculum.
These resources are COMPLIMENTARY.

tips & tricks

For most of us, working remotely is an exception to the rule. If you are reading this is probably because things have changed. Now, you need to adapt to a new normal.
The following concepts are handy recommendations based on our own experience and of many “teleworkers”.

Separating home from work remains a challenge but on a that can certainly be mastered. The keyword here…


Dress up
Find your spot
Check-in regularily
Stay out of the kitchen
Organize your time
Dress up

Dress up

Showering and dressing up reminds everybody, especially you, that it's time to work.
Giving work the formality it requires, even under casual settings, will make you feel more productive and will set the tone of your new working space.
- You are not on vacation!


Find your spot

Create a comfortable space

Our workspace has an indisputable influence on our productivity. Choosing the right corner may mean less distraction, more concentration or idea flow. Colors, furniture, sights and even distractions affect both our creativity and productivity. Therefore, finding the right corner for our style of work will make it feel like home.

Check-in regularily

Check-in with your colleagues

The first thing that we do when feeling isolated is looking for someone. Sometimes is simply for our sanity. Even when you know how are things going, don't assume that everybody else does. Inform consistently and continually. Don't let the silence feed any insecurity. Keep the conversations going!

Stay out of the kitchen

Say no to the fridge

Working from home may mean constant snacking. And you know what that means. Nothing will stop you, but your self-discipline. Frecquent snacks interrupt the flow of work as well as fostering anxiety and affecting your overall health. And all these, in the long run, will become a heavy weight to your productivity.

Organize your time

Be clear on your working hours

Define and share your working hours with teams and clients. Be active and proactive with your voice mail in case people contact you after hours. Plan your days and make sure your calendar is shared and up to date. Once you get into the routine, planning for everything you do will become second nature and will make your work at home easier and more productive.

The right tools
for the job

We want to ensure that learning never stops by providing solutions that connect you with your employees. We are experienced in managing remote workers and are eager to share the best resources available to assist in this time of transition. As we like to say, when it doubt, share it out!

Learning platforms
Our Learning Experience and Curation Platforms are turnkey solutions that can be customized and set up in days.

Learning Catalogs
Our learning catalogs are off-the-shelf, qualified content that is expertly aggregated to complement any technical, soft and managerial skills.

Social Learning
Our social learning solutions are fully mobile applications that foster engagement and thrive in the most common social network platforms.

eLearning development
Our dedicated team of designers, instructors and creatives can deliver customized learning modules in record time, responding to any immediate or emergency need you may have.

Let us know if we can help with any of your training needs.

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