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Learning Solutions 2018 – The battle of the LMS

“Let the games begin” The battle for the LMS has been a long lasting quest to find a functional and efficient solution

Learning Solutions is an annual get-together for Learning & development industry leaders, Learning managers, Instructional designers, producers and tech innovators. Every year, almost 2,000 people visit Orlando, FL to grasp the new trends and ideas sprouting in the training ecosystem.

During the event, we were able to interact with hundreds of people actively looking for a solution to their current training challenge. From all our conversations there were two topics that stood out; VR and its practical application and applied Blended Learning.

With most people running away from the traditional LMS nightmare, there was a need to dig into the real problem of a traditional LMS, not without pointing out all the opportunities that come with having the right delivery platform to manage all learning needs. Today, learners expect an affordable, personalized, easily accessible, solution that allows them to learn at their own pace. Whenever and where ever they are.


These are the top reasons why people don’t want to hear about “LMS”

  1. Interphase and navigability. Most LMS aren’t intuitive and their challenging navigation makes most people drop the ball. The same problem applies to both designers [backend] and learners [front end]
  2. User experience. People complain about the lack of personality of their LMS. A flat plain linear format that makes learning harder than it really is. Limited features leave the learner always waiting for more.
  3. Ubiquity. In this day and age, people expect to learn on the move. On-line or offline. Wherever they are. They need a continuous seamless learning experience.
  4. Social interaction. People like to learn from others and compare their progress. Show and tell. More than ever, our social interactions validate our progress. ”If they don’t know …what’s the point”. It is hard to find an LMS that
  5. Analytics. Traditional LMS platforms don’t provide relevant information to the learner, making it difficult to track their own progress and harder to the manager to make sense of the overall learning process.

Big LMS players are acquiring their previous competitors making it look like the real survival of the fittest. The remaining players are becoming more affordable open and customizable platforms.

Despite all this backlash, the future is bright. There is a good alternative to traditional LMS. We call it the BLMS. A Blended Learning Management Solution.

During Learning Solutions 2018, Dan Gizzi introduced Triboo as the new coherent solution to blended learning. Dan has 20 years of experience coaching and mentoring teams on Education Technology

Blended learning, also known as mixed-mode learning is a combined learning exercise between instructor-led training (ILT) and some form of eLearning. This concept applied to both formal and informal learning, as it could be applied to corporate training programs as well as informal influencer reference to the specific topic.

What does Triboo mean to today’s learners?

Blended learning has proven to be the most effective training approach. The new BLMS platforms can host multiple pedagogical approaches, moving from theoretical to practical application. With the use of the ILT (Instructor Led Training) features, the BLMS can host spaced learning programs, where the condensed e-learning elements are interpolated with alternative physical tasks, allowing for contextual repetition and reinforced learning.

Some of the main elements of Triboo Solutions are

  • Storytelling – Combining fun with topical learning
  • ILT/VILT – Instructor and Virtual trainer interactions setting the pace for the learning experience
  • VR/360/AR – immersive application that places the learner in life-like situations
  • Simulation – Real-world training experiences accelerating the speed to proficiency
  • Social Integration – Share your progress, comment on a subject, post your badges, review course content…

Formal learning has never been that fun!

There is no real reason to fight over your LMS. When you focus on the learner first, then your content serves a purpose and the delivery method should be an easy pick.

Take a look at Triboo. Our Blended Learning Management Solution developed by Learning Tribes

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