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A Personalized Learning Experience

In this day and age, less is more. With the bombardment of information, learners desire a personalized learning experience, that delivers relevant, on-demand training, that is both job-specific and engaging. Curious on how to begin personalizing your corporate training? Read below to learn more about personalized learning and how to begin creating a unique experience for your learners.

What is Personalized Learning?

Personalized learning is a process-oriented approach that combines a variety of learning solutions, such as micro-learning, adaptive learning, and IRL training, to create a tailored learning experience.


Modern micro-learning integrates, curates and organizes a variety of content, such as articles, videos, and podcasts, then presents it to learners based on learning objectives and progress. Essentially, micro-learning delivers content that is easily digestible and understood. Providing information in chunks allows learning to be easily consumed and retained.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is the delivery of just-in-time feedback and personalized learning paths. This approach sidesteps a one-size-fits-all model and creates a responsive learning environment. Adaptive learning systems and platforms use powerful feedback loops to blend the learning for intensified personalization. Using this method, learners are able to track, monitor, and engage with their learning process.

 IRL Training

IRL training can be one, or a combination of, live training methods. For example, IRL can include peer to peer coaching, instructor-led training, or workshops. IRL can even be delivered online, for remote workers, via virtual instructor-led training.


Experts believe that personalized learning addresses the quandary of training being time-consuming and money depleting. E-learning Industry outlines the following 3 Principles of Modern Personalized Learning in their article How Personalized Learning Improves Employee Engagement:

  1. Treats learning as a continuum. Individuals are becoming the focal point of learning and are shifting from the development of immediate of know-how to lifelong learning.
  2. Increases Relevance. Personalized learning is more immersive for the learner, which enhances individual performance and brings individual reward.
  3. Puts the learner in control. On-demand and in control, learners learn at their own pace. This type of development encourages learner’s participation and actively contributes to their overall development.

3 Ways to Personalize Learning

Assess Your Learners Needs

Begin the process by asking yourself the following questions:

  • How do your employees learn best? Do they prefer audio or visual content? Hands-on learning or discussions?
  • What is their learning speed? Short bursts are better for comprehension, but progress through modules is unique to each individual.
  • What do they want to learn? Everyone will have to go through basic company training, but whether you add a targeted skill module, such as an Adobe Illustrator course or public speaking, should be determined and aligned with learners’ professional development.

Curate Engaging Content

Content curation is when you cut through the depths of information available online and present the most relevant content based on your desired subject matter. Learners need to know they can have content confidence and they’re receiving information that is both timely and reliable. You can either curate the content yourself or invest in a content curation platform that best meets your organizational needs.

Blend Your Learning Approach

Personalized learning can be a cocktail of solutions used to achieve your organization’s learning objectives. IRL training should not be substituted entirely with digital solutions but blended to create a unique learning experience that learners can engage with. Using IRL and digital solutions can, and will, optimize efficiency, retention, and engagement.


It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. Personalized learning is a mix of blended learning solutions that engages learners throughout their learning process. To begin tailoring learning for end-users, assess your employee’s preferred methods of learning, curate engaging content, and implement a blended learning approach that meets your organizational needs.

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