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Pushing the limits in the L&D space. An interview with Esteban Díez, IT & Platform Admin for LT

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With over four years of experience in Learning, a BS in Information Technology, and an excellent background in Software Development, Esteban Díez, IT & Platform Admin for LT, talks about how his passion for technology led him to a rewarding journey in the L&D space.

  1. Tell us about yourself.

My name is Esteban Díez, and I’m the IT & Platform Admin for Learning Tribes.

I love the arts in general. I am a complete music nerd: from Baroque to Rock, from EDM to Jazz, etc. I own almost a dozen instruments, and I am also a movie buff; I have watched the greatest films from the Silent Era until today. I have always enjoyed history, a passion that led me to write a book about my family, which was turned into a documentary called Searching for My Roots in Cuba. I have also collected dozens of portraits of family members dating back to the XVII century. Besides, I like playing sports, going to the gym, learning languages, reading classic literature, cooking, and riding my motorcycle. 

2. Talk about your experience in L&D.

Before my four years with Learning Tribes, I had never worked in the realm of L&D. I came from a startup software development background, creating apps and releasing them directly into the consumer’s hands through the major app stores. 

The L&D space presented me with a challenge that I couldn’t resist. It was new, and I was excited to work directly with global clients from so many different spheres. In addition, bringing technical solutions that will positively impact our client’s personnel development is rewarding.

3. Tell us about a recent project you conducted.

Platform Updates: The release of the Admin Panel and a new version of the Analytics Suite.

I worked directly with the Learning Tribes development team to implement new features based on the needs of our clients. It includes beta-testing and delivering end-user feedback to our development team to keep refining our platforms’ features.   

These updates came with an array of new features that required meticulous rounds of testing to ensure that each met our client’s needs. Anything that involves the scalability of data always comes with its challenges.

With the new Admin Panel, we put at our client’s fingertips the ability to assign user roles to any learner, in addition to other user management features such as mass enrollment.

4. What were the benefits for the organization? 

The new Admin Panel empowers administrators to manage users on the platform regarding data, roles, and enrollments. On top of that, the update to Analytics allows more custom report-building features, including report combinations and time period filters.

5. What is the most memorable experience you have ever had with a client?

There are many, but one that I enjoyed was going to a client’s headquarters to work on a technical solution for custom platform access and sitting in the same room with their IT team. After brainstorming, analyzing their code, and running tests, we built a great working solution in just one session.

6. What is your most memorable experience with LT? 

Those moments of team bonding. They happen randomly: at a workshop, eating together, at a happy hour, traveling to see our clients. The team would be nothing without the great individuals that comprise it. I love challenges at work, but it is even better to face them with a great team.

7. Tell us about your upcoming project and personal goals.

To update our Knowledge Base with all the new features of our platform.

In the last four years, I have seen tremendous growth on our platforms, and I am proud of my role in the journey. I am focused on pushing the limits of our team and platforms to provide the best service to our clients going forward.

If there is one thing we can learn from Esteban, it is not to be afraid of changes and that an open and curious mindset can take you to new challenges and opportunities to push your limits.

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