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From the beginning, learning and technology have always walked hand-in-hand. Our new Learning Experience [LXP], Learning Curation, and mobile platforms provide a rich and integrated training experience.


Learning Experience Platform [LXP]
Learning Curation Platform
Mobile Learning Solutions
Learning Experience Platform [LXP]

Learning Experience Platform [LXP]

Triboo is an enterprise Learning Experience Platform that offers customized training experiences.

The solution includes an intuitive authoring tool with a drag-and-drop interface. Triboo also provides an integrated curation functionality, offering more than 40,000 learning resources at the learner's disposal.

Triboo is simple and easy to use for the learner, versatile and resourceful for the training manager, and robust and data-rich for the program administrators.


Triboo, our Learning Experience platform, has been endorsed by the most renowned L&D Guilds and Trade organizations.

Learning Curation Platform

Learning Curation Platform

Curated learning is an alternative training experience that consists of a group of aggregated online resources, filtered and qualified by subject matter experts.

Content curation typically complements formal training programs, although it can also serve as a standalone training solution.

Get to know Edflex


Edflex is our award-winning curation platform. Edfelx offers more than 15 thousand resources on topics like leadership development, digital marketing, finance, soft skills, and team management among others.


Mobile Learning Solutions

Mobile Learning Solutions

In these past years, we have dedicated a fair amount of research and technical development resources to develop mobile learning solutions. Making training accessible and practical to the learners has always been our priority.

As mobility expands and becomes ubiquitous, we have focused on the expansion of social networks. We deliver the training where the learner gathers and is more inclined to share and collaborate with others.

Our new Mobile Learning Solution coexists with Social Platforms, such as ash WeChat and Messenger.

Our award-winning Mobile Learning Platform successfully delivers fully-social training that seamlessly integrates with traditional LMS systems.


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