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The Curation Cure

Thanks to the speed and development of technology, there are infinite pools of available information. The web offers an oasis for people looking to sharpen their skills at their own rate and on their own time. Although there is an appeal for information, we often find ourselves losing time and patience by scrolling through unrelated topics and unreliable sources.

A few questions that might be top of mind: How can I cut through the noise and provide the content only related to the topic of interest? What are some ways that I can aggregate resources, such as articles, podcasts, and videos, that are both engaging and reliable? The continuous flow of fake news spilled on social networks has left little room for quality content. The combination of quantity and unreliability has made it difficult for even the most experienced internet navigator to find their way through the jungle of information. Not to mention the time spent trying to identify relevantly, quality, and topical elements.

When it comes to employee training, content curation is your bet at building a catalog, with the most reliable sources, that addresses your topic of interest, while also saving time and money. Which curation method works best for you? The answer is…it depends! There are many ways to curate content, but the best method for your organization will depend on your needs. We recommend an approach that combines both human and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to curate the best content out there. The AI technology will do the first pass, scouring the internet for the most reliable and engaging resources out there. The human touch will add a qualifying element, ensuring that the sources selected are truly the best match for your employees. This process can either be done manually or using a learning curation platform.

The great advantage of curation is that it allows learners to organize their time according to their needs. Employees often favor a short resource (video, podcast, etc.) due to the ease of learning and immediacy. We encourage a microlearning approach in which learning is spaced over time and delivered in spall intervals or chunks. According to neuroscientist Daniel Bor, author of The Ravenous Brain: How the New Science of Consciousness Explains Our Insatiable Search for meaning, the chunking of information shows the human brain’s ability to “hack” the limits of our memory and combine the information in a more meaningful way. Which results in more information being retained.

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