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Triboo Intro

Triboo, a complete Blended Learning Management Solution

Learning Tribes now counts five subsidiaries around the world – EMEA, North America, China, Brazil – as well as a Shanghai-based R & D division that guarantees service quality and a continuous innovation cycle, “follow the sun” for each market. This division largely benefited from the financial investment in the development of a new digital platform, “Triboo”, based on an open source EDX technology and which relies on a unique community of developers on the market. 


With this new name, Learning Tribes’ digital training platform is more collaborative, fun and customizable! A dedicated R&D team in Shanghai worked for several months to launch the new LMS generation more open to the new world and the new learner profile.

Top 12 (new) features of our digital learning platform:

  1. A platform compatible with MOOC, COOC and SPOC

Whether the training course is aimed at the large public or a small population of learners, the Learning Tribes platform allows you to deliver training courses open to everyone. You can manage large numbers of learners, registration processes, reporting, securing associated data…

  1. Reuse existing content through SCORM

On the new LMS platform, we have developed the possibility of integrating SCORM modules (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) allowing our clients to reuse their existing training content.

  1. A panel of collaborative activities

Zoom on peer-assessment, word cloud, and the forum discussions, which stimulate the community of learners by fostering interactions between participants and experts!

  1. A gamified training courseMobile learning Plateforme Triboo Learning Tribes

In a digital training program, gamification is key and is reflected by the presence of badges – they are created ahead of time and then integrated on the platform – and the final certificate. The creation and integration of the latter are made easier on Triboo and can now be entirely customized and branded for our clients. In the past, we could only customize the logo, the signature and the wallpaper; now, a certificate template is available to be fully personalized.


  1. Enhanced mobile access

Since its inception, the platform is accessible and fully responsive on mobiles and tablets. What’s the novelty? The mobile application, downloadable and available for Android and iPhone. It allows users to have a simplified and efficient mobile access to training courses, first in terms of display, and second with lighter activities but substantially as rich as the PC version. Note: the application is only available in English at the moment. The French version should be released very soon!


Sélecteur de langues Plateforme de formation digitale

  1. One platform and multilingual content

Integrating a multilingual dimension into digital training courses has never been simpler thanks to a partnership with Localize, a translation management tool: within a learning path, the learner can select the desired language (French, English, Portuguese, Spanish or Chinese) via a language selector displayed at the bottom of the menu. Of course, this implies translating the content prior to integration, and videos can also be displayed in several languages!




  1. A blended learning course thanks to an ILT component

ILT (Instructor-led training) allows you to manage face-to-face sessions within a digital path. The learner accesses his digital training where he can find scheduling options for ILT sessions. He can register – and cancel as he wishes – and download an Outlook invitation to his calendar to keep a reminder. Once registration is completed, the instructor, in the back office, downloads a list of learners and can mark attendance and completion. The ultimate goal: reward the learner with a badge for his face-to-face session.

Outil de reporting Plateforme Triboo

  1. Effective reporting

With the constant desire to rely on advanced technologies and the best global expertise, Learning Tribes collaborated with Woopra, a Californian company providing a BI tool (Business Intelligence) able to track and analyze in real time the learner’s navigation and performance.

  1. Customization for each client project

In terms of customization today, everything is possible! The platform reflects the various needs our customers may have: activation or not of the discussion forum, choice of a self-paced course (allowing the learner to follow his course at his own pace) or instructor-paced (at a pace set by the instructor), etc.

  1. A successful security policy

We have a strong security policy: the abilities of our IS enables us to ensure the segmentation and protection of data, to implement the architecture of servers and PRA, etc.

  1. A training catalog

Triboo offers the possibility to create a whole set of courses in the context of corporate universities and manage them via a catalog with categories, sorting and search functions, etc. In summary, a real online directory as proposed by My Mooc to search for a MOOC, but only open to the employees of your company!

  1. Single sign-on

The SSO (Single Sign-On) integration in the platform allows the learner to have a unique user account and login to access his learning path and other applications internal to his company (intranet site, network social enterprise, etc.).


Acticall Sitel Group, the leader in Customer Experience Management, will soon be the first to benefit from the new version of the platform in its entirety, as part of its My Academy corporate university. The objective? Replacing its former LMS with Triboo to train more than 75,000 employees across 23 countries and to fully enter the digital learning era.



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