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Trining delivery is essential to a successful learning experience. While methodology and content are the substance, the result is directly tied with the execution. Trainers, coaches, community managers and platform integrations are highly responsible for the outcome.


Train the Trainer
Community Mangement


The facilitator role is to enhance learning through a variety of interactive and collaborative activities, such as role playing scenarios and simulations, discussions or forum participation. With facilitation, we promote collaboration between learners, encourage participation and dynamically monitor the progress and achievement of the learning objectives.

Our team of trainers are prepared to actively listen, solve problems, introduce real-life situations and resolve the conflict between groups or individual learners.


Train the Trainer


Our team of senior trainers prepare trainers from other groups of organizations and assist them with the delivery of a training program. They function as subject matter experts, ensuring the correct assimilation of the training essence, the right use of exercise and techniques and specific recommendations for group dynamics and collaboration.

Our trainers will follow-up the training delivery and regularly give recommendations to maximize the training performance indicators.

Community Mangement

Community Management

Our Community Managers become the single point of contant of your learning community. Before, during and after active training, the community managers will schedule evennts, create and manage groups and forums, actively respond to the learners's enquiries and will provoque and promote relevant conversations.

Community Managers become a catalyst for learner engagement and self-pace development. Community managers will regularly interact with learners within LMS and social platforms.


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