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Training and Developing the “Universal Agents” of Tomorrow

The technological revolution is among us, with many companies on a quest to integrate their processes with Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. As we identified in our top 10 trends in the corporate learning & development space, automation will transform most jobs. These changes are happening at a rapid pace and result in the birth of “universal agents” in the workforce and ultimately, a need for “universal trainers” to cultivate them.

Automation by way of AI and Machine Labor

Many people in customer service and operational roles, such as the 20,000 Citi employees in recent headlines, face elimination as companies further automate their processes. A majority of these workers tasks are deemed “low-value” and are being taken over by machines. While all roads seem to lead to a full technological takeover, automation actually leaves room for humans to supplement what robots lack: intuition, reading comprehension, listening skills, emotional intelligence and friendliness.

The Birth of Universal Agents & Trainers

Contrary to popular belief, there is such a thing as a symbiotic relationship between man and machine. In terms of customer care, rudimentary questions and concerns are handled by bots. Any complex, emotionally driven problems are then escalated to an agent. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship – as minute tasks are taken over by machines, and machines learn behavioral patterns from the human interactions they observe. As a result, humans have more bandwidth to take on a multitude of diverse tasks, transforming them into “universal agents.” This new type of agent challenges traditional Learning & Development programs since they need a blended learning approach, which is best spearheaded by “universal trainers.”

Are You Ready for the Future?

Make sure your company is ahead of the curve with the necessary training methods. Redesigning New Hire Training programs will be vital to properly cultivate universal agents. Ensure your recruitment process is aligned with industry and agent needs, utilize engaging learning methods to minimize attrition, revisit agent KPIs to adapt to the new digital model, and last but not least, identify the right balance between people and technology.

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