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What’s New Triboo? | Learning Experience Platform Overview

We’ve listened, adapted, and version 3 of our Learning Experience Platform (LXP), Triboo is the best update yet! Use Triboo’s new features to resurge your corporate training with the addition of our curation technology. Read below to learn how LXP’s can personalize your employee training, gain insight into content curation, and find out what exactly we’ve added to the Triboo mix.

What Is A Learning Experience Platform?

Traditional methods of corporate training include the use of a Learning Management Systems (LMS), but have you considered the new wave of Learning Experience Platform? LXP’s vary from LMS’s because rather than just hosting the company’s formal education content, the platform personalizes the overall training experience. LXP’s allow content curation to be embedded as an added layer within an organization’s internal eLearning program. By doing so, chief learning officers are able to take existing content, such as podcasts, articles, videos, etc., from other credible sources and use that information to develop a holistic training program that incorporates macrolearning and microlearning.

Understanding Content Curation

In a nutshell, content curation is the act of taking content that already exists, such as articles, podcasts, videos, etc. and aggregating the most relevant pieces related to your subject matter. Take for example a google search for a chocolate chip cookie recipe. When you type in the keywords “cookie recipe”, Google will pull millions of pages that don’t guarantee the best content for your search. When you use curation or a Learning Curation Platform, you cut through the unrelated information and retrieve only the best, most qualified, content related to your topic of interest.

Some Learning Curation Platforms, such as Edflex, add additional support with expert learning curators. Edflex relies on artificial intelligence to do an initial search, but then uses the human eye and mind to handpick and qualify content based on individual training needs.

You can learn more about content curation and its process in our articles 5 Ways To Curate Content and Curation and Content Confidence: The Keys to Online Learning.

Updates To Our LXP, Triboo

This leads us to some significant upgrades to our LXP, Triboo. We’ve enhanced the design and navigation, as well as added admin capabilities. However, the most powerful of the upgrades is by far the integration of Edflex’s content curation technology. Our developers at Edflex and Triboo have joined forces to create a new feature called the External Resource Component. This allows admins to add curated external content into their own LXP ecosystem, creating an adaptable, more personalized, learning experience. This optional add on gives you the power to create a comprehensive training program that meets the learners where they are and takes them they need to go.

If you’re interested in Triboo’s new content curation integration, check out To learn more about our Learning Experience Platform, Triboo visit

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